Risks, Reputations
& Sanctions
Trusted advisors, litigators & lawyer's lawyer

A focus on integrity and the angles of risk, reputation and sanction

Integrity is a vulnerable asset. And increasingly a source of attention and concern for governments, companies, institutions, (self-employed) professionals, directors and private individuals. Rightly so, in our opinion. At JahaeRaymakers Advocaten we have been focusing our unique expertise for many years on the integrity triangle: risks, reputations and sanctions. We control the risks, manage reputations at stake and defend against imminent damage and sanctions. We do this with a dedicated specialised team and often in (international) collaborations.

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When you participate in our complex (international) society as an entrepreneur, business or professional, you take risks. It's part of the deal. At the same time, that same society increasingly demands that you prevent risks in areas such as corruption, fraud, money laundering and human rights violations. You get asked about your risk appetite. The spectre of strict liability roams around.

The focus areas are becoming more diverse; risks get bigger. They often cross international and legal borders. We know the minefield and explore current and future risks with you. Together with you we clarify these risks. We provide a sharper image and thus ensure effective decision making.


We live in a reputation economy. Rarely did we attach so much value to integrity and honesty, and rarely have fake and false been so powerful.

Our lawyers offer vigorous support in reputation management. This is no unnecessary luxury in a world where, for example, media, regulators or investigative services present themselves (unannounced), potentially resulting in enormous reputational damage. We assist companies, directors, professionals, private individuals, domestic and foreign public and semi-public bodies with their questions on sensitive issues.


Fines running into the millions of euros, prison sentences, professional bans or exclusions from participating in legal transactions; it happens. And for it to happen a mere suspicion of an infringement is often sufficient. The reputational damage is often at least as painful as the material damage.

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of (special) criminal law, disciplinary law, administrative sanction law and international private and public law. We help our clients and their advisors to address this, also as a ‘lawyer’s lawyer’. We give practical and down-to-earth advice. By acting creatively and being open-minded, often in extensive high-profile cases, we are able, like no-one else, to identify the risks, determine an appropriate strategy and optimally defend the interests at stake. Discreet to the outside world, transparent to the client.