Our Story

Our story starts in 2015. Han Jahae, Carel Raymakers, Jurjan Geertsma and Thom Dieben find common ground in their ambitions in the field of economic and international sanctions law and in risk and reputation issues. Dian Brouwer and Cathalijne van der Plas, who also have a long track record, join the partnership in 2019 and 2020 respectively. In 2022, Susanne van Breukelen joins JahaeRaymakers as a partner.

Our insight? Businesses and self-employed professionals are regularly assigned responsibilities bordering on strict liability and not commensurate with their original tasks. Cases also become increasingly international. Our firm focuses on this niche practice. Uncompromising quality is our starting point. Innovative, creative solutions and maximum value for clients are our goal. We recognise passion for the profession, we appreciate each other’s originality and creativity and share a love of Tintin, football and Monty Python. This has turned out to be an excellent basis: our firm is growing.

From classical to pro-active

Legal developments continue apace. We are seeing that a classic defence is not always the right approach in disciplinary, criminal or sanction cases. Numerous practical and fundamental problems can arise during the often lengthy proceedings. This can include aspects such as media and reputation damage, exclusion from business and social life; convictions without a judge being involved. Resulting in damage often perceived as a heavier sanction than the final judgment. With our proactive approach and defence, focus on compliance with laws and regulations, we are successful in preventing problems and often act before any form of damage can manifest itself.


Meanwhile, the business world has become more and more international. And issues are gaining increasingly complex international components. These include issues relating to cross-border corruption, fraud, money laundering and (trade) sanctions, but also asset tracing & recovery, extradition and enforcement, international and European law procedures, such as those before the Court of Justice in Luxembourg and the European Court of Human Rights.

With our specialist knowledge, our experience with complex cross-border private and public law issues and our excellent (international) network, we are able to offer efficient and surprising solutions for every issue. Anywhere in the world.

Our clients

As lawyers, we are trusted advisors to numerous Dutch and foreign (listed) companies, museums, financial institutions and public bodies and authorities. We assist (self-employed) professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, tax advisers and notaries public, other entrepreneurs, directors and private individuals - publicly known or not. We also often advise other law firms and notaries public as 'lawyer's lawyer'; this means that we provide input in the background for their services as a sparring partner and/or ghost writer on the basis of our specialised knowledge.

Our working method

Trust, discretion, quality and tenacity are paramount for us in the often precarious and sensitive cases we work on. We strive to achieve adequate solutions for every issue. We are down-to-earth, creative and open-minded. Wherever possible we act before problems reveal themselves, preferably in the background and out of court. If necessary, we fight in court to the limit for each client.

Each lawyer or employee within our firm puts his or her own special expertise at the service of specific issues and problems of our clients. We do this as a team. The cooperation between them is extremely close and that with (international) external lawyers and experts excellent.