Luca van der Hoeven

Luca specializes in sanctions law, compliance in the field of anti-corruption and anti-money laundering legislation and (international) financial-economic criminal law.

Luca studied criminal law at the University of Amsterdam and obtained her master's degree cum laude. She wrote her thesis on international trade sanctions against entities in Russia and Ukraine. In 2022, she completed a second master's degree in International Criminal Law, again cum laude, at both the University of Amsterdam and Columbia Law School, with a focus on transnational economic crimes.

During her studies, Luca gained experience at several (international) law firms. She was also involved as a committee member at the criminal law study association M.P. Vrij. In addition, she has been both a participant and board member of the Amsterdam moot court competition the Amsterdam Law Trials.

Luca has been with JahaeRaymakers since 2022.


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