Thom Dieben

Attorney-at-law, partner
Thom Dieben is a versatile lawyer. His main area of expertise is financial/economic criminal law, whereby he often handles cross-border criminal cases.

He also advises clients in civil cases involving reputational, criminal law, European law or international law related questions. Thom regularly acts as counsel in appeal proceedings before the Dutch Supreme Court, as well as in extradition and surrender cases and other mutual legal assistance (MLA) procedures. In addition to his work in Dutch (criminal) cases, Thom also represents clients in complaint procedures before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and the United Nations Human Rights Committee (HRC).

After finishing Waldorf School, Thom studied Dutch law at the University of Maastricht. He finished the bachelor European Law School (ELS) there in 2007, with a minor in economics. Two years later, Thom obtained a master’s degree in Dutch criminal law (cum laude) at the same university. During his studies Thom worked for more than five years as a student assistant for Prof. André Klip. He also worked as a trainee for the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and carried out research for Dutch companies in Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei in the context of the 2009 edition of the Research Project Maastricht (RPM).

Thom regularly organises courses and lectures for fellow lawyers on inter alia the implications of European law for criminal law practitioners. Thom has several publications to his name in the field of international and European criminal law. He contributes to the Handboek Verdediging (Defence Manual) and the Strafvordering (Criminal procedure) edition of the influential Tekst & Commentaar series. Thom is a member of the association of defence lawyers practicing at the Dutch Supreme Court (VCAS) and the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA). Since 2014, Thom has been a member of the Criminal Law Advisory Committee of the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA), which assesses legislative proposals in the field of criminal law on behalf of the legal profession.

Thom joined Jahae Advocaten in 2010 and has worked at JahaeRaymakers since 2015. He is also a partner there.

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