Thom Dieben

Attorney-at-law, Partner
Thom Dieben is a versatile lawyer. After completing Waldorf School, he studied law at Maastricht University where he obtained his master's degree cum laude in 2010.

During his studies, Thom learned that today's legal problems take little notice of national borders and the traditional distinction between the various fields of law. He believes that a lawyer who truly wants to understand these problems and solve them should have a similar mentality. With this in mind and with a penchant for international and European law, Thom has devoted his practice as a lawyer to cases at the intersection of criminal and civil law on the one hand and public international and European law on the other. For example, cross-border criminal cases but also civil and administrative law cases with European or international law aspects.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Thom regularly lectures and teaches courses. For example, on the impact of European law in everyday criminal practice, compliance with Dutch anti-money laundering legislation (Wwft) and the implications of human rights and sanctions for professionals and businesses. Thom is a member of the Association of Cassation Lawyers in Criminal Cases (VCAS) and the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA).

Thom was admitted to the bar in 2010. He has been a partner at JahaeRaymakers since 2017. 

Thom's clients include companies, (semi)public authorities, professionals and administrators both from the Netherlands home and abroad.

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